1 Jill Court, Building 16, in Hillsborough, NJ

KIDS classes

  Our children’s classes are designed to introduce youngsters to the excitement of martial arts in a safe and enjoyable environment. Our classes emphasize the development of concentration skills as well as physical conditioning, coordination and self defense skills. Children's classes are divided into two age groups, 4 to 6 years old, and 7-12 years old.

adult classes

  Both men and women of all ages, and fitness levels benefit from karate training. Regular participation will increase your overall level of fitness while developing practical self defense skills. You will learn and become proficient in a wide variety of strikes, kicks, blocks, and control and compliance techniques

aikido classes

  Men and women of all ages enjoy practicing the martial art of Aikido. Most people are familiar with Aikido from Steven Segal’s movies. Aikido utilizes techniques which allow you to avoid an attack and redirect the energy of the attack to subdue the opponent. With regular practice you will increase your overall level of fitness, while developing valuable self defense skills.

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